I have performed a number of roles in my capacity as a teacher.

Education Consultant

As an educational consultant in both primary and secondary schools, I have been an advocate for students, creating personalised education programs that activate and engage learners. Concurrently, I have run teacher and teaching assistant training sessions and workshops to help schools adapt to meet the needs of different types of pupils. These workshops have ranged from formal presentation-style sessions which investigate educational theory to more informal and hands-on sessions tailored to devising practical approaches to different scenarios.

Special Educational Needs Facilitator

I have worked with Special Educational Needs students in the UK, USA and Africa, taking into account their particular strengths, interests and concerns in order to develop teaching strategies that are appropriate for pupils’ needs, whilst also capturing their interests. I have spent many years working with learners with Autism and other Pervasive Development Disorders and have developed my knowledge and range of skills in this area. I have used the Lovaas method and also trained at the Option Institute in Massachusetts, USA.

Classroom Teaching/CELTA

In primary schools I have worked as a class teacher and also individually with children with special needs. My specialist subjects are ICT, science and drama. I have undertaken considerable additional professional development, including courses such as, ‘Differentiation in the Classroom’ and ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ to continue to further progress as an educator. I am also trained to teach English as an additional language and am CELTA qualified.

Workshop Instructor

I enjoy breaking down complex tasks and topics and presenting them in clear, structured ways. I have created and led a range of hands-on workshops, from Clowning workshops for staff of British Airways Cargo, summer chemistry courses at Oxford schools to fire-breathing and pyrotechnics workshops at the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.