GWF_LongJump_Dan_CapI’ve had the good fortune to work in various fields with a wide range of people and in various countries around the world. Throughout, I’ve enjoyed developing and realising concepts in order to provide people with novel and useful experiences, as well as motivating people to be creative and have fun.

As a game designer, I seek to create games that push the boundaries of traditional gaming and reach a wider audience; games which aim to enlighten, educate and transform as well as entertain.

As a multimedia writer/designer, I create across multiple platforms and co-ordinate events designed to motivate and entertain.

If you’re into Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, my tests indicate an ENFP (Inspirer) personality, with key talents surfacing as Charismatic, Solutions Finder and Motivator. My wife says that’s all spot on, so I’m happy to go with those!

I’m currently working on:

  • A novel primary level history resource for a local educational supply company
  • Storybook IP for multi-platform programming

Contact me for more information about my services or to discuss your project.